Can You Help?
Please leave your front porch on all night. We know that there are several vacant units
right now and we need your help to light up the walkways while we make plans on installing more security lights.
Thanks for your help in making Pine Village a secure place to live.







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master plan passes

The Board of Directors voted at the May regular meeting to accept the
Master Plan for the improvements to Pine Village North.
The Master Plan covers the major work projects that need to be done
around the community to make us once again a fine place to live.
The main portion of the plan is the realization that the money needed to
complete all of the repair items is much greater than the money we have on
hand. The plan gives a breakdown of work to be completed this year and
then work items for the next few years while the HOA accumulates funds.
Listed on page two are the main parts of the plan with budget amounts for
the remainder of the HOA year which runs through October. You can also
get a copy of this in the office.

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For the month of June please continue to make your HOA fee payment to Price & Price or you can bring
your payment to the HOA office.
The change in accounting firm should only affect you in where you make future HOA fee payments. In the
July newsletter we will let you know where to start making payments. You can bring them to the office
and you will receive a receipt and they will be credited that day. The decision to change was based upon
the HOA handling more of the details with fee payments so that information would be onsite as well as
available on our soon to be working website.
Remember it is your responsibility to ensure that your HOA account is current and correct.
Thanks for helping to keep the work going by paying your fees.